The ability to explore ideas through discussion is non-negotiable in our increasingly complex world.

Collaborative learning requires different skills than learning as an individual. With Touchstones, these skills are explicitly addressed and intentionally built. In Touchstones discussions, every student has an equal right to speak and learn and an equal responsibility to listen and make room for others. Touchstones democratizes education to prepare students for academic success and civic engagement in an ever changing world.


In Touchpebbles, your 2nd-5th grade students build speaking, listening, and cooperative learning skills by exploring ideas from diverse primary sources.


Touchstones for grades 6-8 supports your students to investigate diverse perspectives and develop their discourse skills using primary sources as a starting point.


Touchstones prepares your 9th-12th graders for life as they learn how to discuss complex topics, integrate diverse perspectives, and practice leadership.

Touchstones Supports Your School’s Goals Inside and Outside the Classroom

Standards Alignment

Touchstones K-12 curricula align with state standards and a many other skills frameworks.

Social-Emotional Learning

Touchstones Essential Skills are SEL skills. Our programs foster community and help your students build both!

Faculty Development

Use Touchstones discussions for team building or in your PLCs to support communication among faculty and staff.

Family Engagement

Build relationships and trust by engaging in Touchstones discussions with families and caregivers.

What are schools saying about Touchstones?

“Learning to talk to one another is our most important organizational goal…our schools depend on mutual understanding and effective communication. Touchstones helps us all to develop these skills and build a community.

Kevin Topper

University of Rhode Island

“Touchstones fundamentally changed my classroom dynamic. Before, I felt like I was working harder than my students were, just to drive the conversation forward. Now, I use what I learned in the training program to create engaging discussion questions that help students read carefully and make authentic connections to the text. Touchstones gives students the tools to join a discussion with confidence, and listen actively.”

C. Shryock

Teacher, Bishop McNamara High School, Forestville, MD