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Supporting Youth to Thrive Through Discussion

Enrichment and out-of-school time programs provide a valuable space for youth to continue building discussion skills outside of traditional learning environments. We partner with providers to bring the benefits of Touchstones to your school community.

How can my program use Touchstones?

  • Build on young people’s strengths and interests, while connecting activities to real-world issues and academic growth.

  • Schedule a Touchstones training to prepare your staff to lead discussions using our curricula within your existing program.

  • Partner with Touchstones’ staff to develop a custom, short-term program facilitated by us.

  • Use Touchstones to support team development and family engagement.

Custom Program Offerings

We can work with you to develop a custom program that meets your needs and goals. Sessions vary in length from 1-4 weeks and are available for ages 8+. Facilitated by Touchstones educational staff, custom programs use our proven model to build Essential Skills while supporting youth to leverage their strengths and connect discussions to their local communities.


This program for middle and high school age youth pairs Touchstones discussions exploring themes of leadership, community, responsibility, and power with a youth-generated action plan for a local civic engagement project.


Youth of all math skill levels explore new and creative approaches to thinking about and discussing ideas in math. Through exciting problem-solving, riddles, and logic puzzles, youth practice mathematical reasoning while strengthening leadership and communication skills.


In this program, youth engage in Touchstones discussions with peers to connect their experiences with ideas raised in primary source texts. Sessions strengthen comprehension and analysis skills as youth explore ideas while practicing written and verbal communication.


In this program, youth explore new ideas and perspectives through imaginative storytelling, visual art, and poetry. Each session builds self-expression skills through art and writing activities alongside Touchstones discussions.

What Staff and Participants Say About Touchstones

“We had fun. I would not change anything!”

2021 Summer Enrichment Program Participant


“I think it was fun. We learned some things and were all able to share our thoughts.”

2021 Summer Enrichment Program Participant


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