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Touchstones is Social-Emotional Learning

No matter where you teach, you know how vital social-emotional skills are for creating a positive learning environment for all your students. With Touchstones, these goals are built right in!

Touchstones helps your students:

  • Learn strategies for self-regulation

  • Practice goal setting

  • Improve interpersonal communication

  • Recognize and leverage their strengths

  • Better understand how their actions are perceived by others

What SEL skills does Touchstones build?

How effective is Touchstones for SEL?

Touchstones discussions have a profound effect on classroom culture, shifting responsibility for inclusive discussion to students, not just the teacher. Here’s what teachers report after just one year of weekly lessons.

Students were Aware of Group Dynamics


of the time

Students Took Responsibility for the Discussion


of the time

Students spoke Directly to Peers Instead of Teacher


of the time

Students Listened Actively to Classmates


of the time

What are teachers saying about Touchstones for SEL?

Touchstones helps my students develop skills related to interaction, thinking, self-awareness, self-motivation, self-expression, ethical development, and development of broader sensitivities.

T. Mennuti

Teacher, Beechwood School, Menlo Park, CA

“Touchstones is a breath of fresh air that addresses deep learning, deep thinking and a whole approach to education, focusing on the whole learner as being an essential part of a community. Too often school is about individual success; I love, love the aspect of Touchstones which links the individual into the community, strengthening both the community and the individual.

D. Botvinick

Teacher, Highland Park Middle School, Highland Park, NJ

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