Recent Fiction as Navigating an Emerging and a Virtual World

A New Touchstones Discussion Program Since late spring, once a month 12 professionals— lawyers, CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs—sign onto a ZOOM meeting to spend 90 minutes together in a Touchstones discussion. Like all Touchstones programs, this virtual program uses selected texts— in this case recent short-fiction by writers such as Borges, Calvino, Handke, and Hazzard. These

Bridging the Distance

By Stefanie Takacs Over the last five months, we’ve become more acutely aware of distance. The word enters our daily language more times and ways than we realize. There is physical distance and social distance, though we are advised against using the latter term by mental health experts because humans need social connection. Prolonged social

Shaping the New Normal

By Jenn Macris Like other non-profits, businesses and organizations around the world, Touchstones is moving forward in the new normal we all face due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to loyal donors and generous foundations, our good work in education continues. We are especially pleased to announce that Touchstones was awarded, for a second year,

Transformative Giving

Elliott Zuckerman Self-portrait as Landscape #1. 1999 By Alexandra Fotos Last year, Touchstones received an extraordinary gift from the estate of Elliott Zuckerman. Dr. Zuckerman, an accomplished painter, musician, poet, and tutor emeritus of St. John’s College, made a gift through his estate to Touchstones Discussion Project of more than 180 of his

Adapting to a Remote- Access World

By Abraham Zhao The staff at Touchstones is hard at work making necessary transitions in this new educational environment online. Some teachers we have talked with believe the shape and nature of education has permanently changed due to the pandemic. I am inclined to agree. The coronavirus crisis has demanded adaptability from all walks of


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