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Building Community and Establishing Trust

We know that when schools partner with caregivers, students succeed! Touchstones aligns with the latest research to enhance the family engagement work you’re already doing and extend our Essential Skills to the entire school community.

How Touchstones Supports Family Engagement

  • Foster relational trust between families and school staff

  • Recognize families’ strengths and expertise by engaging in discussions that make space for their experiences

  • Connect families to their student’s learning in Touchstones

  • Build community among families and caregivers

  • Touchstones texts are available in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Arabic, and Haitian Kreyole.

How can we use Touchstones with families?

Just as your students build Essential Skills in Touchstones during the school day, teachers and families can reap similar benefits. Our programs are aligned to the latest research and best practices in family engagement, and we work with you to find an approach that meets your needs.


With the support of our staff, experienced Touchstones teachers facilitate a series of Touchstones discussions with families during evening sessions over the course of several weeks. Discussions use Touchstones’ texts and method to explore themes such as belonging, community, and identity.

Who: Families and school staff

Goals: Foster relational trust, recognize families’ strengths and experiences, build community among families


Engaging in Touchstones discussions during Open Houses or Family Nights gives caregivers an immersive window into the experience and skill-building in Touchstones classes. Younger students can engage in Touchpebbles facilitated by their teacher alongside their families, while older students become prepared to lead discussions themselves.

Who: Families, students, school staff

Goals: Foster relational trust, recognize families’ strengths and experiences, connect families to their students’ learning

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