Guest Cottage in Martha’s Vinyard

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Models of Change

By Stefanie Takacs Transforming any class of students or set of discussion participants into a collaborative group requires serious and consistent effort. This is particularly true in school settings where students aren’t accustomed to expressing their thinking and the reasoning behind those thoughts. But we can’t expect our students to change unless we are willing

Continuing the Journey: Veterans Share Their Stories

Veteran Tyler Mazur looks at a collection of President Jefferson’s books on a private tour hosted by the Veterans’ History Project Director. By Sean Hutzell In mid-January, the Library of Congress’s Veterans History Project (VHP) Director, Karen Lloyd, took some of us from the Touchstones- National Endowment for the Humanities veterans pilot program

My Valentine’s Day with 15 Women

By Howard Zeiderman On Valentine’s Day, our Executive Director, who spearheads Touchstones at the Maryland Correctional Institute for Women (MCIW) was out of town. I was the substitute leader for the day, and I’ve often been into MCIW and worked with both Touchstones classes since 2015. And I’ve run Touchstones programs in men’s prisons since


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