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Touchstones Training is Transformative

Our immersive, experiential workshops give you the intentional practice you need for success as a Touchstones discussion leader. As a participant, you leave equipped with essential skills for your classroom, community, and life. Our staff are always available to answer questions, our volumes provide ongoing tools to support your growth, and you can stay connected with our global community online.

What We Offer

  • Training in Touchstones Method: Choose from regularly scheduled Open Enrollment Workshops, custom workshops designed for your group, one-on-one coaching, or our intensive Touchstones Fellows program.

  • Faculty Development: We offer guidance and a train-the-trainer approach for using Touchstones in PLCs and community building with your team.

Benefits of Touchstones Training

  • Learn how the Touchstones Discussion Method and our curricula support the development of participants’ discussion skills while fostering inclusivity

  • Develop your capacity as a Touchstones discussion leader, and practice specific strategies that build participant agency

  • Experiential, interactive, and customizable formats

  • Facilitated by highly experienced Touchstones staff

  • Online and in-person options available

Training in Touchstones Discussion Method

Since our founding in 1984, we’ve trained tens of thousands of educators and volunteers. Whether you are a teacher, school, or district looking to use Touchstones with your students or a community group interested in running a program through your organization, we offer training options that support your goals while building Touchstones discussion skills.


Throughout the year, we offer three levels of training leading to a Certificate in Discussion Leadership. Level 1 provides an introduction to Touchstones, Level 2 further develops discussion leadership skills, and Level 3 prepares you to coach and train others.

Length: 6 hours

Cost: $175 – $250 per person

Enrollment: 15-25 participants per workshop

Location: Online or in-person at our Maryland Headquarters


Our custom workshops offer a tailored approach to in-service professional development for your school or district or training for your organization. We adapt our open-enrollment workshops to align with your goals and context, and offer introductory training, as well as follow up support.

Length: 3-6 hours

Cost: $4,000 – $4,500, plus travel expenses

Enrollment: maximum of 25 participants

Location: Online or in-person at your site

See the schools and organizations where we have led in-service workshops here.


Our personalized coaching provides you or your teachers with one-on-one feedback and support as they grow as Touchstones discussion leaders.

Length: one day class or school visit

Cost: $750 0 $2500, dependent on travel distance and number of teachers

Enrollment: up to 4 teachers per day

Location: Online or in-person at your site


This intensive cohort-based program is offered each year to deepen Fellows’ discussion leadership skills while investigating themes of identity, community, power, and belonging. This program uses texts exclusively by Black and African-American contributors in our Exploring American Perspectives volume.

Length: 8 weeks, one 2-hour meeting each week; runs twice each year

Cost: Free

Enrollment: up to 7 teachers

Location: Online

Touchstones for Team and Faculty Development

Touchstones offers one-day and weekend-long workshops for educators and administrators. Regular participation in Touchstones develops the the skills your team or faculty needs to connect with each other, communicate effectively, and share leadership. The Touchstones process builds a group in which each person’s ideas are heard and valued. With support from our staff, your team engages in regular Touchstones discussions using our texts to support team formation, Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), retreats, and strategic planning.

What Participants Say About Touchstones Workshops

“I have been to hundreds of curriculum introductions and trainings, and this is by far the best one I’ve attended yet!

2022 Open Enrollment Workshop Participant

Curriculum Coordinator, Texas

“The feedback was [overwhelmingly] positive… perhaps the most indicative comment came from one of our elder statesmen who said it was ‘the best PD we have had at TCS in years’. High praise indeed.”

Myke Healy

Director of Teaching and Learning, Trinity College School, Ontario

“This has been the best workshop I have attended in a long time! I am so inspired and excited to begin using Touchstones in my school and these skills in my life!”

Jenny B., 2021 Open Enrollment Workshop Participant

Elementary Teacher, Maine

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