Touchpebbles Volume A – Digital


Touchpebbles Volume A uses discussion to foster an inclusive classroom where students of all abilities learn to discuss a range of ideas through lesson plans on diverse texts, including tales from Aesop and other early cultures, paintings by Winslow Homer an Sotatsu, and passages from ancient Greek and Chinese philosophers an historians.

Our Online Classroom brings you and your students the power of Touchstones discussions wherever you are. Purchase includes access to the digital Teacher’s Guide, Student Edition, and downloadable and editable student Digital Binder. Access to digital volumes is offered on an annual subscription basis running from July 1 – June 30 and requires a minimum of 10 students licenses. If your needs differ, please call us at (410) 604-3309 or (800) 456-6542 or email to place your custom order.
Purchases of individual subscriptions to Touchstones digital content may be fully refunded, if requested within 21 days of purchase. To request a refund, email and include an explanation for the request.

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Touchpebbles Volume A, Digital

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