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Since 1984, Touchstones’ mission has been to foster understanding, leadership, and community through discussion worldwide. We’ve partnered with New York City schools since the early 1990s. Today, our impact spans all 5 boroughs of New York City as well as schools and communities around the globe. All Touchstones materials are Common Core-aligned and approved by the New York City Department of Education and Student Editions are eligible for purchase using NYSTL funding.

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What makes Touchstones different?

In Touchstones, all students unlock their voices, experience the value of their own thinking, and discover a sense of belonging and purpose. Our programs democratize education to prepare your students for academic success and civic engagement in a global 21st century world.

The Touchstones Method

  • No prep before class for students

  • Diverse, primary source texts are short and adapted for each grade level

  • Structured process systematically builds speaking and listening skills

  • Students have multiple options to engage and participate

  • Unique evaluation tools that foster individual and group growth

  • Impactful strategies to build community and share leadership

Evidenced-Based Results

Touchstones is research-based and refined by over 38 years of teacher feedback – so we know how powerful it can be! Here’s what schools report about student growth across grade levels after just one year using the program.

↑ 90%

of students improved critical thinking skills

↑ 87%

of students took greater responsibility in the discussion

↑ 83%

of students improved active listening skills

↓ 21%

reduction of school-wide instances of bullying

NYSTL Ordering Tips

It’s easy to order Touchstones volumes for your classroom using NYSTL approved funding!

To help make this process as fast & easy as possible, please see the following guidelines with tips and information to use when placing an order for Touchstones materials through ShopDOE.

Touchstones Vendor Number TOU011000
Touchstones Contract Number 7000898


Fredrick Douglass Academy I & II, Columbia Secondary, TEP Charter, Lehman, Amber Charter Schools, Harlem Academy, Secondary School for Journalism, and more!

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