My (Re)Introduction to Touchstones

By Olivia Braley Coming to Touchstones has been a fruitful experience, one of personal growth that I couldn’t have anticipated prior to joining the staff. My first experience with Touchstones was almost ten years ago when I was at Annapolis High School. We had a day of English class where we put our desks in

Honoring those who bring the Touchstones Mission to Life

By Howard Zeiderman Someone once said that the first time you do something, it’s a revolution. The second time, it’s a tradition. Here at Touchstones, it has become a great annual tradition to honor volunteers and teachers whose time and talents help bring Touchstones—the organization and programs—to life. Each fall, Touchstones staff, volunteers, Board members,

Growth In Time of Uncertainty

By Jenn Macris I think we’re all done hearing about “these unprecedented times,” but the truth is, few nonprofits know what to do in “these times” to continue to set and reach important goals. COVID has forced all of us to become even more flexible. Touchstones’ flexibility actually allowed us to surpass our previous goals


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