Your Online Classroom portal includes access to all content you have purchased. Teacher Guides and Student Guides are only accessible in the Online Classroom and cannot be edited, downloaded, or printed. If you purchased Student Guides, you will also see a Digital Binder that includes student-facing lesson materials and discussion evaluation tools. This Binder is downloadable.

Your students do not need their own accounts to access their Touchstones content. Before you begin your first Touchstones class, download the PDF Digital Binder for the volume you have purchased to your device. Email this to all of your students and have them save a copy to their personal device. This document includes all lesson worksheets and evaluation tools and is editable. Students should have this open during each Touchstones class to complete their individual and small group work and discussion evaluations.

Your students do not need their own accounts to access their Touchstones content. You will login to your Online Classroom account and open the Student Guide you have purchased. Then choose the page number or scroll through the find the text for the lesson your group is on. You will share your screen to display the text for students to follow along as you read aloud.

After you have done the one-time initial setup and all students have a copy of their Digital Binder on their own device, you should prepare for your online class just as you would an in-person Touchstones class: read the text and the lesson in its entirety, set a goal for the discussion based on your previous discussions, and decide on several opening questions you may want to ask.

At this time, the Online Classroom does not provide this functionality. If you’d like to suggest this feature for future updates, please reach out to to let us know.

No. You are only able to download and print the Student Digital Binder.

No. This is a violation of our terms of use. Each teacher should purchase a subscription to our digital materials separately.